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Just like our – hero, the team at Brand Milk believe that to lead a true life one must treat both the land and its people with the utmost respect. Our goal is to create pure, natural sheep milk products, all the while striving to be at one with planet – and to be in tune with nature.

We’re very proud to be at the forefront of New Zealand’s emerging sheep dairy industry, or as the New Zealand Herald put it, ‘Brand Milk has graduated to the big league.’ 


We share a common mission with the legend – in that we have inherited his desire to innovate and try to make a better world for all people. 

Brand Milk is more than just a sheep milk producer. We are dedicated to sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming using natural and traditional pasture management. 

We are passionate about animal welfare, and our professional team uses advanced systems to ensure our sheep are thriving while minimising our impact on the local environment. We want to ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you can enjoy the health benefits of our 100% natural sheep milk products and the purity of the environment that they are produced in.


At Brand Milk, we make the highest quality sheep milk products using the best of what the New Zealand environment provides. Our dedication to sustainable farming has allowed us to protect the natural environment around New Zealand’s Lake Taupo, and to produce high quality and nutritious milk. After several generations, we have developed our own one-of-a-kind breed of sheep, the Brand Sheep. This healthy, hardy dairy ewe thrives in New Zealand conditions and produces high-quality milk, full of the nutrients you need.

Our farms are founded on passion, innovation and hard work. At our Waikino Station and Waituhi Kuratau Trust farms near Lake Taupo, our nearly 6000 sheep enjoy 1,270 hectares of fresh grass and clean water, to keep them happy and healthy. And with the sheep milk industry growing rapidly in Asia, the future of Brand Milk is looking bright.


Brand Milk – Legendary

Brand Milk – Growing Little Legends (for powders)

Brand Milk – We Create Legends 

Brand Milk – The Food Of The Future 

A Legendary New Milk From The Cleanest Place On Earth


Tired of milk? Taste the difference with Brand.

‘Brand sheep milk is naturally full of vital nutrients.’

‘Naturally produced, Brand Sheep Milk is New Zealand’s most nutritious milk.’

‘Naturally nutritious sheep milk from New Zealand.’

‘Brand: the highest quality sheep milk, naturally produced in New Zealand.’


Unique and rare. 

These are words typically associated with the revolutionary products being made by Brand Milk. Already well-established as one of the largest sheep milk producers in the world, Brand are becoming the sole supplier of Secondary Brand’s toddler sheep milk powder. 

Innovation is key, which is why Brand Milk recently started offering alternative milks to people who find cow’s milk hard to digest. Brand also launched a sheep milk toddler formula, with the planned launch of a full sheep milk product range next year. 

Brand have also created what they believe to be a world-first: a new crossbred sheep for the ovine milking industry. Called Southern Cross, the sheep is a mix of east friesian, awassi and lacaune. It’s said the breed will provide hybrid vigour and will hopefully become the sheep equivalent of the KiwiCross cow – the most popular choice of cow used in the dairy industry.

Brand recognizes the growing demand among consumers for toddler formulas based on alternative sources of milk. They strive to become the worldwide leader in nutriocus sheep milk products and see their ever-growing range as the perfect fit for brand New Zealand. 


At the heart of New Zealand’s central volcanic plateau sits the largest freshwater lake in Australasia, Lake Taupo. This gigantic, dazzling expanse of water is home to some of the best wild trout fisheries in the world. Tucked on the fertile western shore of this magnificent lake is Brand Milk’s Farm , home to 2000 milking ewes, who roam the farm’s clean pastures and enjoy unpolluted air and a temperate climate.


Sheep Milk is incredibly nutritious, and easy on the tummy. Our natural sheep milk from our special Brand sheep is high in protein and provides essential amino acids.

It’s also full of beneficial nutrients including, natural lactoferrin and selenium to improve immunity, folic acid to support healthy cell growth, and the same amount of calcium as breast milk to promote bone development.

Sheep milk is not only the closest animal milk to breast milk, it is higher in Vitamin A, D, E, C, B12, and iron than both cow and goat milk.


In short, many.

Brand milk is a better source of milk because of the high levels of vitamins and minerals support immunity, healthy cell growth, and bone development, especially important for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Sheep milk is perfect for people with allergies as it doesn’t contain the α-S1 casein allergen. The medium and short-chain fatty acids in sheep milk aid in the digestion of lactose, making it a superior milk choice for anyone struggling with lactose intolerance.

Brand Milk is a 100% natural high-quality sheep milk, full of beneficial nutrients that are easy to digest. With higher levels of vitamins and minerals than cow or goat milk, our sheep milk supports everyday health and wellbeing.

Brand milk is also easily portable, with individually packaged portions meaning you can enjoy it wherever you go, without losing any vital nutrients. You’ll also find our sheep milk to be deliciously creamy, even more than cow’s milk!