About Me

Before I could even tell my b’s from my d’s, I’ve been writing stories. From fiction and academia, to copywriting, marketing, and blogging, I’ve explored several genres and styles of storytelling, always improving through practice and collaboration.

After working as a Content Marketing Executive for a successful NZ startup, I took the leap to follow my passion and freelance full time. I have worked with a number of businesses to better tell their stories and build their customer base, creating copy for web pages, online ads, email communications, brochures, and more.

My key skills are Copywriting and Content Marketing, however working with startups has led me to pick up a wide variety of skills including SEO, website development, and a touch of graphic design. My clients include small businesses across a wide spectrum of industries, including tourism, solar energy, analytics, luxury experiences, personal fitness, farming, and health.

I spend my free time a variety of different creative pursuits, including painting models for playing Dungeons and Dragons, making my own clothes, tinkering with my car, and my own creative writing projects.

I’m a talented and conscientious creative writer, unafraid of a challenge and eager to get the job done. My work hours are flexible, I always work within deadlines, and I will review your content as many times as it takes to make you happy. Always happy to give out some advice and take on new projects as my schedule allows, so do get in touch!