Off Grid Tech

GridFree now offers three new hybrid inverters from Growatt. Growatt ranks among the top 10 PV inverter suppliers globally, and are well known for bringing elegant, smart, and powerful features to their products. Having tested and used them, we’re very impressed, and excited to offer this innovation to our customers. 

These multifunctional off grid solar inverters are integrated with an MPPT solar charge controller, a pure sine wave inverter, and a battery charging module all in one machine, which is perfect for off grid backup power and self-consumption applications.  

These hybrid inverters use a smart battery charger that allows you to charge your batteries using solar power, mains, or a generator, so you never have to worry about running out of power! They support 4 Charging Modes (solar first, utility first, dual charge, and solar only) and 3 Output Modes (solar first, utility-first (Default) or Solar>Battery->Utility mode). They also come with in-built features to protect the system from damage, such as over voltage, low voltage, high temperatures, and short circuits.  

Our customers have been asking for remote monitoring, so we made sure this new inverter offered that functionality. The Growatt Wifi module is a plug and play device that allows users to monitor the status of their off-grid solar system without having to check the inverter itself.  

The three models we have all offer slightly different features, the key differences being: 

Growatt SPF 6kW HVM  

This model has a higher continuous and surge rating (6kW and 18kW) than the others as it uses a low frequency inverter. Keep in mind that this can mean you use more power in less time, so you’ll want to be mindful not to drain your batteries too deep. This inverter supports up to 5kW of solar panels. These inverters cannot be installed in parallel, which limits the maximum size of the system, unless you replace it with a larger model. 

Growatt 5kW ES 

This model has a slightly lower continuous and surge rating than the HVM (5kW and 10kVA). This inverter allows for a higher wattage solar array than the others (6kW), but requires a higher voltage solar panel array and thus requires an electrician to install the solar wiring. This inverter can be installed in parallel with additional inverters of the same model, allowing you to expand the system. 

Growatt 5kW TL – Low Voltage 

This model has a slightly lower continuous and surge rating than the HVM (5kW and 10kVA). This inverter allows for a solar array of 4.5kW, though it is designed for lower voltage solar panel strings, which means it stays under 120V DC, so the wiring for the array is DIY safe. This inverter can be installed in parallel with additional inverters of the same model, allowing you to expand the system. 

Hybrid inverter or standard system?

A hybrid inverter allows you to wire in both mains and generator input directly into the existing solar power system, without the need for additional battery chargers. It does however cost slightly more than a standard system, legally requires an electrician to install, and requires a generator with the same or higher wattage, which can increase your overall installation costs. 

The standard system is able to be installed completely DIY and is thus a simpler and cheaper installation. In order to charge your batteries using a generator or grid power, you will need to purchase a separate battery charger, which will not allow for auto-start features.